INSYDIUM xpFluidGPU – Tech Preview

As we announced in our latest newsletter, we are excited to share with you a much anticipated update to the progress we have made with bringing GPU acceleration into INSYDIUM Fused.

After a challenging couple of years for everyone, we are now pleased to be able to announce that we have completed phase 1 of bringing GPU acceleration into INSYDIUM Fused.

We have now moved into phase 2 and have brought GPU acceleration into xpFluidPBD and xpFluidFX.

We are excited to share a Tech Preview of the results of the new GPU xpFluidPBD with you.

Once phase 2 is complete, GPU xpFluidPBD and xpFluidFX will be included in a future Fused Update planned for late summer and we will continue to implement GPU acceleration throughout INSYDIUM Fused.

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